Flying Fish – Spot Them On Your Lakshadweep Cruise

There are 40 types of flying fish living in the warm tropical waters of the world. The Arabian Sea is no different. Their torpedo-shape, wing-like pectoral fins and a forked tail helps them literally fly into the air.  Sailors say they can even be spotted near the deck of the ship! So imagine how powerful they are compared to fish their size.

While you take a cruise to Lakshadweep, make sure you watch out for these tiny creatures jumping outta the blue waters. They grow up to about 18 inches and some have large pelvic fins, giving them the name, four-winged flying fish.

This ability of theirs help them to evade larger fish who would otherwise feed on them. Smart, eh? From within the water itself they gear up speed and shoot into air. For this they need a deep section of the water so as to get the right propulsion. Some go as fast as 60km/hr and travel about 200m in the air before returning to the water. As they are attracted to light, fishermen lure them easily onto smaller boats or nets.

They might not be as majestic as dolphins to watch, but are truoly an interesting sight.

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