Tranquil in Trancoso, Brazil

Located in Bahia district of Eastern Brazil, Trancoso was founded by Jesuit priests in the early 1500s. During New Year’s you’ll find scores of tourists lining the beach. The beaches here are separated as north and south by the Trancoso River.

About a hundred metres off the beaches, are tranquil coral reefs. You can go surfing and diving here. If you are the adventurous kind, try horse-back riding and bike riding.

The beaches come alive at night, with music and merry-making all around. Shops, restaurants and hotels line the beaches. Finding a place to stay won’t  be difficult.

The church at the square is dedicated to St John. The calm and serene locale will enthrall you. Trancoso can be accessed from nearby town by a taxi. Flights to  Port Seguro in Bahia will connect you to this city.

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