On A Playground Of Ice – Glacier Cruises

The countries near the North Pole are most famous for… Ice! What else?

Well, let’s call them glacial behemoths. Cruises in this part of the world are of a different kind. Cruises along the glaciers and icebergs are a great way to explore these lands. Centered around Alaska, Canada and the Scandinavian nations, glacier cruises are a popular tourist attraction.

And, it’s not just miles of white ice you’ll get to see. Most of the cruises are jointly called ‘Wildlife and Glacier Cruises’. True to the name, you can spot bears, porpoises, sea otters, sea lions, whales, and a number of avian friends.

It’s not a passive cruise at all. You can get down to some neat kayaking, caving, iceberg climbing, jetboat rides, hunting (in the season and with permission), high mountain climbing and fishing.

The catamarans and cruises will take you past snaking rivers of ice, blocks of icebergs, rough seas and fjords. Whoever said ice was boring!

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