Cruising On The Ice

Endless sheets of ice. Ice… and more ice. It might be a pleasing sight. Definitely. On an Antarctic cruise what else do you expect to see? Well, ice is not all. Due to the absence of land predators there are plenty of birds. Gulls and albatrosses and variety of others. Different kinds of whales are another major attraction. You can see them dancing with the waves, in tandem with your ship. Spotting them early in the morning is in itself a relaxing activity.

A typical Antarctic cruise starts from Ushuaia, the southernmost city in Argentina. Between November and March – that’s Antarctica’s summer – is when most of the cruises take place. And don’t think that only scientists and marine biologists go to Antarctica. Any avid traveller with a sense of adventure is bound to say yes to such a cruise.

Most Antarctic cruises last a week or two, maximum. The harsh weather doesn’t permit a longer vacation, sadly. Budget travellers might have to save up a handsome amount of quid for this trip. But, believe us, it’s so worth it.

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