Tasmania – Australia’s Jewel In The Sea

Most parts of Australia remain as it were hundreds of years ago. And for the same reason there are verdant meadows, extensive forests, beaches, grasslands, mountains and a variety of animals to see. The island of Tasmania is located to the south of Australia and parts of it were earlier used by the British to keep their prisoners. You can still see abandoned penitentiaries across the island, especially near the coast. The Port Arthur Penitentiary is one such famous prison.

The capital of Tasmania is Hobart. Standing on the Derwent River Estaury in the south east of the state, it is a port city and also Australia’s second-oldest city. Hobart was founded in 1803. It is a well-known port for sealers and whalers. Lauceston, on the River Tamar, is called Tasmania’s ‘northern capital’.

Endangered, the Tasmanian Devil is found in the island state. World heritage sites, archaeological ruins and natural wonders make Tasmania a tourist’s rapture. Lakes, forests, national parks and ecologically important areas keep the wilderness alive here.

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