25 New Themed Cruises in 2012 – Crystal Cruises

Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony, from the Crystal Cruises brood, is out on a theme. Or, rather, themes. The next year will see the cruise line offering 25 cruises with 12 innovative themes. Some of the themes range between music concerts and fine dining. There will be multiple sailing dates for both the cruises.

In the Ocean Views category, leaders and foreign correspondents can meet for debates and discussions.  The Big Band and Ballroom Dance theme is self-explanatory. So is the Wine and Food Festival one – guests can meet mixologists, culinary professionals and chefs. Golf and Creative Learning are two other themes for the twice-a-year categories.

Once a year there will be a sailing each on themes such as Film and Theatre, President’s Cruise, Jazz and NFL Legends. Cruise  travellers can enjoy complimentary wines and an open bar service.

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