The Bamboo Trains of Battambang – Cambodia

Battambang, in Cambodia, is most famous for its ancient bamboo trains. You can board the bamboo train Odambang village. Do not expect a “normal” train ride here – the bamboo train is a large bamboo platform mounted on train axles powered by a small gokart engine. The open train has no roof, doors or seat belts. Holding onto the railing and praying for your life could be the only solace during this roller coaster of a ride! The average bamboo train is three feet wide and eight feet long. If the driver wants to brake the train, he has to turn the engine off and coast to a stop!

Only a single train can travel on the tracks, with people often having to heave the cart off the track for an approaching train to pass by! But for a very long time, rural Cambodia had to make do with the bamboo trains alone for transport. Anything from farm animals and rice to small motorcycles and household items can be transported via the bamboo trains.

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