Ron Akana – 63 Years in the Sky

Yes, Honolulu-native Ron Akana has served the skies for 60 solid years. He’s currently 83 and was hired by United Airlines in 1949 as one of the first male stewards for flights between the mainland and Hawaii.

He’s the oldest serving flight attendant in the U.S. and probably the world, too. The airlines, which is now known as United-Continental, and other organizations have conferred several accolades and awards on him. You can see 11 rhinestones on his lapels – one for his first 10 years in the air, and another for every five years after. He is also one of the highest earners in the industry.

Ron now lives in Boulder, Colorado. He has met scores of celebrities in his flying time, especially those flying to and from Hawaii. His wife was a flight attendant until their marriage, and now their daughter Jean is a flight attendant, having clocked 22 years for United Continental.

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