More visitors to Lakshadweep by 2025

In the next 10 years, the number of tourists to the Lakshadweep Islands will multiply. And Indians, too, will flock to Lakshadweep to explore three new islands – Thinnakkara, Suheli Par and Cherium. It was last year that the Indian government announced that it would open three virgin Lakshadweep  islands—Thinnakkara, Suheli Par and Cheriyam—exclusively for tourists under a public-private  partnership model.

These “high-value,  low-volume” tourist destinations will definitely up the quotient for leisure and adventure travellers to India. Couple this with the adventure sports facilities and the virgin beaches to explore, and you have a heady mix. Lakshadweep is just a 12-hour cruise from Kochi.

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