Foster Botanical Garden, Honolulu

This is Hawaii’s oldest garden! It was built in 1855 by German doctor William Hillebrand and his wife. He was also a botanist and he stayed within the area leased to him by Queen Kalama. The garden now covers 14 acres and has a collection of more than 10, 000 rare tropical plants from across the globe, besides the trees planted by Hillebrand. Located in downtown Honolulu, it has been filmed in many TV shows and Hollywood movies. The garden has been the scene for many a wedding and commercial photo shoots.

The garden is divided into different sections housing a range of plants and trees. Guided tours within the garden will bring you close to orchids, variety of medicinal plants, ones used for fabric and dyes and a prehistoric garden containing primitive plants.

The garden is open throughout the year, except on Christmas and New Year’s Day, for a nominal fee.

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