All New Tourist Season In Lakshadweep!

Earlier this month, a load of tourists and locals of Lakshadweep were treated to renewed cruise ships. The ‘Mini Coy’, is a weekend holiday cruise ship to the islands that sails from New Mangalore port. Mangalore is only 144 nautical miles away from Lakshadweep and the journey takes 14 hours.

The cruise takes tourists to Kadmat island and returns the next day. This is the first weekend cruise of its kind to Lakshadweep, and had about 140 people on board.

Once on the island, tourists can go around for boating, sea swimming and shopping on the islands. Diving and snorkelling enthusiasts can hire yachts and equipment from agencies on the island. You can go walking on the serene beaches and visit local landmarks before getting back to your ship.

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